Total Performance Select is our program for experienced athletes playing at the middle and high school level looking for a program that provides a similar structure to a true strength and conditioning program. Rather than focusing on speed or strength in a single class time, this program combines top level speed and agility training and strength training into a single class time. 

This style of training is great for those seeking to maximize their speed, agility, strength, and conditioning levels. It also serves as a great preparatory program before advancing to do more sport specific training with our partners at PEAK Athletic Systems, or at the collegiate level.





Our prices depend on how long you want to commit to training. Below are the prices per month based on contract type:

3 months - $169.99/month*

9 months - $149.99/month*

*currently includes Total Performance Select class

A Total Performance Select Membership grants an athlete access to all Total Performance Classes (noted by TP). The primary Total Performance Select Class schedule is below denoted by TP Select.

Before your athlete gets started, we do an evaluation to assess their current ability and see which program best suits them! Schedule your evaluation online now!

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