Team Training

Train as one, win as one! Parisi Team Training offers the ability to train speed, strength, and agility as a team. This allows full team development as athletes, but also as a cohesive unit. 

Our coaches have worked with numerous local soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball clubs in growing their players as athletes and as a team! Team training gets you in top shape for the season and ready to take on opponents as a group! 

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To get a quote on Team Training Pricing and Packages and set up a team training, contact us below and we will get you set up with all the information you need!


Open time slots are first-come-first-serve, and are dependent on availability of staff to coach the group.

To find out more about open schedule times for teams, Contact our Staff to get more info!


Prices vary by the number of athletes desiring to train. To get a team training started, a minimum of 8 players is needed to get a time slot. 

Pricing can also be done as a "by session" rate, or on a contract (more secure for reservations).