Parisi Team Training

Train as one, win as one! Parisi Team Training offers the ability to train speed, strength, and agility as a team. This allows full team development as athletes, but also as a cohesive unit. 

Our coaches have worked with numerous local soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball clubs in growing their players as athletes and as a team! Team training gets you in top shape for the season and ready to take on opponents as a group! 

Check out below for more info!


Prices vary by the number of athletes desiring to train. To get a team training started, a minimum of 8 players is needed to get a time slot. 

Team trainings are offered as a package deal and can have indoor batting cage or indoor soccer facility space usage included in the pricing. 

Pricing can also be done as a "by session" rate, or on a contract (more secure for reservations). 


Open time slots are first-come-first-serve, and are dependent on availability of staff to coach the group.

To find out more about open schedule times for teams, Contact our Staff to get more info!


To get a quote on Team Training Pricing and Packages and set up a team training, contact us below and we will get you set up with all the information you need!

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