Online and Personal Training

If you have a goal, we have the plan to get you there! With our experienced staff, we are here to serve all populations achieve the goals they need both in person and from afar. By pairing you with the coach whose unique skill set will provide you a path to your own personal destination. Whether you're looking to increase performance in a specific sport, to gain muscle or lose weight, or run your first marathon, we're here to help you!

With workouts delivered straight to your phone or tablet via the TrainHeroic app, our coaches provide you with workouts tailored to your goals that can track your progress and set you up for success! With an app that is user friendly, it is a training plan in your pocket when you walk into the gym, either here or afar.

Looking to get a little extra hands on help? We do that too! Our coaches work individually with you in person to help ensure you are performing movements properly, modify training sessions based on daily needs, and provide the motivation and encouragement you need to achieve your goals! Whatever the goal is, we're here to help you achieve it!


In order to best assess how we can help you achieve your goal, our staff will do in person or video consultations with you to help set the best plan in motion! To get started, give us a call or email us to set up a consultation!


Our prices vary by the number of sessions you train per week, whether or not you are training in person or online, and how many sessions you commit to doing! For precise quotes on Personal and Online Training, give us a call or sign up for a Personal Training Consultation!