PEAK Training

Peak Training is our program for experienced athletes playing at the middle and high school level looking for a program that provides individualized training in a small group setting (<6 athletes) and more individualized attention. This program is designed for goal oriented, self driven athletes who are looking to pursue sports at the collegiate and professional level.

This program is great for highly motivated, disciplined, and goal oriented athletes with prior training experience. Pricing is based on the number of training sessions the athlete commits to training per week. Training frequency and schedule will be based on input from our coaches after the evaluation process, with consideration given to practice and game schedules for the athlete's sport. 


Before your athlete gets started, we do an evaluation to assess their current ability and see which program best suits them! Schedule your evaluation online now!


Our prices depend on how long you want to commit to training. Call us for pricing options:


Due to the individualized nature of the program, PEAK Training schedules are set on an individual basis for each athlete. Click the button to view our facility schedule as to current PEAK Training times.