Starting as early as age 8-9, Jump Start is a smaller program that introduces the concept of training for younger athletes who have had adequate exposure to a variety of physical, recreational, and social activity. Jump Start takes a less intense and more fun based approach to training to help develop physical capabilities to further advance athletic development and health.


This program has 12 different classes each week that are designed to be F.U.N.:

Foundational in teaching Speed, Agility, and Strength movement patterns.

Unique in exposure and Utilization of Speed and Agility techniques and movement patterns.

eNjoyable in structure and game/challenge based activities!


To see if Jump Start is the right fit for your young athlete, we start them off with an evaluation and a free class to see if structured training is something they are ready for and could benefit from.


Before your athlete gets started, we do an evaluation to assess their current ability and see which program best suits them! Schedule your evaluation online now!


Check out our weekly schedule below, and click the button to schedule your free trial class!


Our prices depend on how long you want to commit to training. Call us for pricing options:

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