Summer Programs

Our Summer Schedule Starts on Monday June 17th! Summer programs included expanded offerings of our Jump Start and Total Performance programs, as well as some seasonal additions such as camps, clinics, and specialty programs. Our Summer Schedule is available below, as well as links to program specific information!

Jump Start

Jump Start is our fundamental program for younger athletes in the elementary to middle school range.

Total Performance

Total Performance is our program for more experienced athletes in the middle and high school range that pushes the intensity of training and use of proper speed, agility, and strength techniques.

Total Performance Select

Total Performance Select is our program for athletes with in the middle and high school range that mimics a true strength and conditioning training program by using increased intensity and more difficult speed and agility drills, along with strength workouts.

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Summer Seasonal Programs

Summer Camps, Clinics, and Special Offerings are run through PEAK Athletic Systems, our sport specific training program. Visit the PEAK program website to stay up to date on different summer program offerings!

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